Wednesday, September 7, 2016

International Literacy Day 2016:Focus on Jamaica

September 8, 2016 is International Literacy Day, sponsored by the International Literacy Association.  The ILA celebrates the power of literacy, and this day focuses on global literacy needs.  The beautiful island country of Jamaica is the featured country this year.  I have selected a two picture books that teachers and parents can share with children as they take a trip through a book to this land of sun, sand, and smiles.
  J Is for Jamaica (World Alphabets) by Benjamin Zephaniah is an alphabet book that illustrates the sights, sounds, and culture of Jamaica.  There is a four-line poem for each letter of the alphabet featuring a full color photograph.  This will provide an overview Jamaica, and may spark interest in a more specific aspect of the country that a child may wish to research.

Jamaica by Ann Heinrichs is part of the A True Book series.  This book will give readers a look at everyday life in Jamaica, beyond the beaches and resorts.

To obtain a resource packet for International Literacy Day, 
you can click here for the International Literacy Association's website.

I hope you enjoy celebrating International Literacy Day as we promote ILA's mission:"Literacy for everyone, everywhere"!