Thursday, February 25, 2016

Leap Year Literature

It's leap year!  This Monday is February 29th, the date that is on the calendar only once every four years.  It leaves kids (and some adults!) wondering,"Why???" The following is a collection of picture books that you might find helpful to explain the scientific reason behind leap day, as well as some fun stories about characters whose birthday is February 29th.  (Just how old are they and, more importantly, when do they celebrate?!?)

 Two illustrated nonfiction books that will explain leap year are The Leap Year Book by Barbara Sutton-Smith

 and   What in the world is a Leap Year?: And Other Time Related Measurements by Desiree Bussiere.

I have also found several fiction books about characters born on February 29th that include an explanation of why their birthday is only on the calendar every four years.  Two that you and your students might enjoy are  It's My Birthday Finally! by Michelle Whitaker Winfrey,

Happy Leap Day, and, as always, happy reading!

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